Welcome to UnrealZA


Welcome to the new UnrealZA forum!

Due to the persistent spam problems of the old forum, and the increasing age and outdated-ness of the vBulletin 3 system it was running on, I’ve opted to replace it completely, with a fresh start for the latest Unreal Tournament.

Please bare with us while we tweak and bed things down. Leave your feedback and suggestions below, and we’ll see what can be done.

Some quick information:

  • Users and poses have not been imported, instead, the old forum has been archived at http://archive.unreal.co.za/ for reference, in read-only mode (you may still log in there to retrieve PMs and stuff).
  • Because of the above, you will need to re-register on this new forum.
  • For your convenience, you may log in with a Google or Facebook account, you can change your “full name” to your nick.
  • Categories are sparse right now, but I think it’s better to build things out as we need them, rather than throw everything in at the start.
  • HTTPS is enforced.
  • You can use Markdown formatting!
  • The forum is powered by Discourse, in case anyone wants to see how it works.


Nice one!

That Spam was getting pretty crazy.