Ut2K4 reboot

Hey Guys

Anyone still looking at this site…

Would love to maybe have a good reboot of good old Ut2k4.

I still have a server running in South Africa : gaming.iteology.co.za - who’s keen? It will also list under internet servers.

I’ll check in a few times in the next week - if you keen lets spread the word and see who wants to play :wink:


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Hey DJ!

It’s amazing seeing this post today. I started UT2K4 and was looking for any active servers.

I remember playing on your servers with the NAG folks and we had a great time! I am certain that several friends of mine will be raring to get back to UT.

Let me know if you need any testing of the server or if there are particular times we should organise to play!

Lazy (MetroidZA, I forgot my old account details)

@DJRob Hi! Is the server still up? I tried it yesterday and it was fine but I can’t connect today. I directly entered “gaming.iteology.co.za” as I could not find it on the server list.

Hey man!

I am glad you still remember.

Sorry only got to peak in today - something caused the server to close the session - just updating it right now, and then will re launch in a few minutes from the time of this post.

We should get a bunch of guys to play again - I so miss having my ass kicked lol

ok all fixed :slight_smile: tested - if the game closes again - i set an autorestart.

Remeber to config f5 for utcomp

Perfect! I can connect now. I’ll try and get some other people to join and test :smiley:

Hey again Rob! The server was fine these past few weeks but it’s down again. Could you restart it again please?

Thanks for keeping this server up! It has great latency and we play every Friday :smiley: