The Unofficial UnrealZA UT2004 Server


I’ve spent some time putting this together, and am happy to present a new local UT2004 server.

This is a dedicated server, running official maps and bonus pack content, with ProAsm’s UT2Vote v61. And just for fun, its also outputting game stats, which are available at (see also button in the nav bar above).

The only caveat is that it’s actually hosted in my house, on my 50mb fibre line. The way I see it though, this is a bigger connection than some ISPs had back in the day, so I don’t really anticipate problems :smiley:. I pretty much never max out the line, so not anticipating that being a problem either.

You’ll find it in the in-game server browser - it’ll be the one with a reasonable ping :wink:.

I’ll be leaving it running indefinitely.


The difficulty now is getting people together to play at the same time :smiley:


I am defiantly game. Found a group on Steam that wanted to do a proper tournament like the single player on UT 2004 but it is not so easy to get things organised with the rest of the group members. I just want to play UT 2004 and I might have 2 other SA guy’s that might also be interested.:+1:t3:


Time to reinstall and see how bad I have become not that I was pro either.


Yeah I have a bit of a problem, my pc has no CD/DVD drive anymore, and honestly haven’t used a CD/DVD in probably over a year lol, long story short they are a bit extinct to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like I will have to download an ISO …


I’ll get a few guys together for a good night’s fun!


Nice :slight_smile:

How about we set a time, maybe make it regular if there’s enough interest.

Anyone up for a trial on Thursday evenings? Maybe 20:00?


You can count me in :slight_smile:


Can we make it a Friday night? Ill get together like at least 4 players… Then we can CTF etc? How about Friday the 13th? Proper date for UT2004! :smiley:


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:


Cancellation… FFS! 2 guys are not here! ill setup a new date ! Will confirm!!