Files Archive is back!

Managed to dig out the old UnrealZA Archive DVD, which Noman made for us back in the day, and have converted it to a more web-friendly format.

This contains files, patches, bonus packs, maps, mods and mutators for all Unreal series games. A lot of it is still “current”, in that they’re all at their latest/last version still, but may form a good base for getting back into some UT stuff.

The files are mostly self-extracting EXEs, which contain .umod files, which may or may not play too well with modern operating systems, and I suspect Steam-installed versions of UT - I’ll see if we can repackage these in something more friendly.

Sup Shrimp.

Mind creating a torrent or uploading the whole IMG for the disc.


UnrealZAArchive.iso.torrent (40.0 KB)

Try this out? I can’t do much more about the speed, but it should get there eventually.

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Thanks. Will have a bash at it when I get home.

Added UT2004 Linux patch and dedicated server files too.

SO awesome!!

It’s nice seeing archives of old content, I’m all for preserving things and making them easily available.

Though I would like to suggest that putting the content for each game on it’s own page as it’s rather messy and hard to browse having all content for all games on one long page.