Files Archive is back!


Managed to dig out the old UnrealZA Archive DVD, which Noman made for us back in the day, and have converted it to a more web-friendly format.

This contains files, patches, bonus packs, maps, mods and mutators for all Unreal series games. A lot of it is still “current”, in that they’re all at their latest/last version still, but may form a good base for getting back into some UT stuff.

The files are mostly self-extracting EXEs, which contain .umod files, which may or may not play too well with modern operating systems, and I suspect Steam-installed versions of UT - I’ll see if we can repackage these in something more friendly.


Sup Shrimp.

Mind creating a torrent or uploading the whole IMG for the disc.


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UnrealZAArchive.iso.torrent (40.0 KB)

Try this out? I can’t do much more about the speed, but it should get there eventually.


Thanks. Will have a bash at it when I get home.


Added UT2004 Linux patch and dedicated server files too.


SO awesome!!